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  Charlotte Fox - Independent Occupational Therapist (BSc(hons)OT, COT-SSIP, COT-SSNP, HCPC)
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Details of our assessment services can be found below, for more information on specific assessments and the services we offer please contact us.

Functional Assessment Reports

Equipment and Adaptations Recommendations

Work Capability  / Return to Work

Environmental Assessments – for your home or workplace

Postural needs

Activities of Daily Living

We offer assessments at a location to suit you or your clients; this is usually in the home or workplace environment, but can be at our clinic premises if this is more applicable. You will be assessed by an Occupational Therapist with specialist skills in your area of need.

Assessments will be arranged at a convenient time (including evenings and weekends), and focused on your individual needs. We aim to offer you an appointment within 7 working days from referral.

After the assessment you will receive a comprehensive report, with relevant recommendations. This may include recommendations for rehabilitation and treatments, and equipment and adaptations that will enable you to increase your independence. Reports are prepared and sent out within 10 working days of assessment and often sooner.

If you want to know more about how Occupational Therapists can help you, you can also explore the site, or visit our Links and Resources page.

Assessment services include:

Rehabilitation, Treatment and Ongoing Support

Details of our rehabilitation, treatment, and support services can be found below, for more information on specific assessments and the services we offer please contact us

Intensive short term rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation / Return to work


Group based rehabilitation  and courses- see current events for details

Independence and working to achieve your maximum potential is what we are about.

Whether you or your client is recovering from an accident or injury and in need of short term support to maximise their recovery and independence, or you require long term specialist rehabilitation we have support packages suited to your individual requirements.

We offer either block periods of rehabilitation or more flexible services - dependent on your preference and our clinical recommendations.  

Our other ongoing services include Occupational Therapy Services  for individuals requiring adaptations to their existing or future properties. We have experience and skills with regards to supporting individuals to achieve maximal levels of independence, and work closely with specialist architects. We work closely with individuals to ensure any adaptations are suited to their needs and wishes. We always ensure we are up to date with the latest equipment and products to ensure you get the best options to suit you.

Our groups include relaxation, anxiety management, horticulture & fatigue management.

Rehabilitation, Treatment and Support options include:

Professional Services

Details of our consultancy, training, lecturing, supervision and mentoring services can be found below, for more information on specific assessments and the services we offer please contact us

Moving and Handling Training

Second Opinions


Service Development Advice - Reablement, Rehabilitation

Postural Management Training

Lectures including neuro-rehabilitation, complex adaptations and independent work

With a wealth of experience across Social, Health and Independent Sectors we have the skills and experience to provide a range of consultancy services. As you can see from Charlotte’s CV she has experience and skills in Service development and Project Management, and has consulted on the development of reablement services, and specialist accommodation both nationally and internationally.

With experience and skills in the practice of Moving and Handling, and Postural Management, along with a City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Delivering Learning Charlotte has the ideal skill set to provide the high quality, and most importantly relevant and transferable training to you or your team.

Charlotte’s dynamic and engaging teaching and lecturing style is ideal for motivating and engaging individuals, and she has speaks on topics including Complex Manual Handling, Professional Issues including Interview Preparation and CPD, Housing Adaptations for Individuals with Catastrophic Injuries. Charlotte also offers supervision and mentoring.

Professional Services includes: