Occupational Therapy Services for Case Managers

At Occupational Therapy Norfolk we have the experience and skills to provide the expert input that you and your client requires.

Experienced and Professional Therapists with skills in:

Intensive Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Complex Adaptations

MOT Working Including Housing Specialists and Specialist Architects

Flexible and adaptable therapists with excellent clinical reasoning skills give you the reassurance you and your clients require

We appreciate the sensitivity and complexity involved with many of our clients situations, and our approach always aims to provide assertive and professional input that works alongside your client, their support teams and other professionals to achieve the best solutions for them.

We have extensive experience working at pre and post settlement stage, including working with individuals affected by catastrophic and life changing injuries. Therefore the flexibility and open minded approach of our therapists is key to building and maintaining relationships. We work with you to ensure you are happy with the skill set and personality of our therapists as we appreciate how vital this is.

Our ethos is to achieve maximal independence wherever possible, regularly providing rehabilitation and, where needed, ongoing support and advice including complex adaptations and equipment recommendations.

Charlotte’s extensive experience across the Social, Health and Independent Sectors, including neurological and cognitive rehabilitation, and longer term support including housing specialist experience, gives her excellent skills to meet the needs of the most complex situations; to find out more please explore the site and find out About Us and the Services we provide. Charlotte’s CV is available here and the CV’s of our Associates are available on request.

We aim to offer an Assessment within 7 working days, and a report follows within 10 working days - often sooner, and if you require a more rapid service we are often able to accommodate this.

We know how important flexibility is, and therefore are often able to offer appointments outside conventional working hours if this suits your client, and we are happy to provide services during evenings and weekends.